February 23, 2010


I've been reading the Work and the Glory series and have come to the fourth volume. It's been kindof hard on me because this book is about Haun's Mill masacre and the persecution in Missouri. They went through so much and I complain when things aren't going my way.

There is a part in the book when a character is discouraged. She then grabs her Book of Mormon and reads this passage in the book of Alma, "I would that ye should be humble, and submissive...always returning thanks unto God for whatsoever things ye do receive." Then she starts to name off things she is grateful for...some, to me, didn't seem like things you should be grateful for, but it made her happier so I think it's a good idea. I'm grateful for so many things....this could take a while. :) In no particular order...

Smiles. Orange juice. Cookie dough. Milk. Wendy's. Hot chocolate. Texas Roadhouse. Snow. SUMMER. Boating. Holidays. Sports. Sleeping in. Twix. Reese's. Actually every candy bar. :)Facebook. Flowers. The smell of freshly mowed grass. Dinkus and how she knocks over every glass in our house. Sweet Tazz. EDUCATION! My dental hygiene class and how awesome they were. My job and the kids that teach me patience. Getting the opportunity to work with special needs patients (they have a special place in my heart). FRIENDS (inside jokes, laughing til we die, acting dumb and they still accept me, someone to talk to when I'm sad. ect.) My Dad and his hard work and goofy side. My sweet mom. Dave's hilarious jokes and laugh. Kenzie for loving my brother and Isaac and her sweet self. Isaac just for making me smile always (I miss him) Elliot for being and example and his witty sense of humor. Traci for being the first person I can actually say is like a sister to me. Nate for going on a mission and being one of my best friends. Will for always smiling. My extended family. Trials. Broken hearts. Provo (even though I hated it I love the friends I made). Prayer. Music. The piano. My talents. Rock n' Roll. Hymns. Running (that my body is actually healthy enough to work out) The Office. House. That 70s Show. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Jack in the box milkshakes. The internet. Fireplaces. Pillows. SLEEPING. Hair elastics. Rain. My car breakin' down a lot. Things not working out. Things working out. :) The scriptures. TV. The Olympics. Mistakes to learn from later. Unexpected messages from friends. iPods. Ice cream. Books. General CONFERENCE and our leaders! Being poor and not being able to find another job. Harry Potter. Contacts. Thunderstorms. THE GOSPEL!...I could go on forever, but I already feel better. :) The good things definately outweigh the bad...


  1. So true, the good do outweigh the bad. I love your list and I love YOU!

  2. Laura, I love you! haha. I can totally relate to the "Being poor and not being able to find another job" haha. So you are in Idaho right? How many days a week are you working, single hygiene, double hygiene? Hope you are doing good! I miss the "Poor lil' Lamb" ;)

    love Amy ;)